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Privacy Policy

As a customer of Beneleaf, your privacy is highly respected. Below is our official Privacy and Security Statement. This statement is designed to help you understand how the information we gather is used.

Privacy Policy

From time to time, Beneleaf will continue to grow by implementing new technologies in an ongoing effort to improve the services and features we offer our customers. Because of our desire to grow and change, this policy is subject to change without notice. It is a good idea to occasionally review this policy.


We gather information from customers based on five general categories:

  • Information regarding online orders
  • Information volunteered by registered shoppers


A SSL layer helps to protect the transfer of information. The transfer of information solely to Beneleaf can be guaranteed through THAaWte certificate technology. That’s not the only safeguard. We also make every effort to securely store and manage this information once it is received by Beneleaf. Any information we collect is securely stored on site. The data is secured through multiple digital security measures as well as structural security implements.


In order to effectively process and fulfill an order from one of Beneleaf’s websites, customers must provide us with the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Contact Phone Number (s)
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card or other payment information

This information is recorded to make sure that each order is processed and delivered to the correct customer. Additional order information is recorded and tracked to help us analyze shopping trends. These customer trends help Beneleaf improve the products and services it offers to customers and members.


A valid email address is required to verify the receipt of an order.  The verification email will contain your name, address, membership number at Beneleaf (if applicable), the list of purchased items, an order reference number, shipping method confirmation, and the total number of purchased items. It is also important to note that confirmation emails will NEVER contain your credit card number.


Concerning links to or from other websites: As a convenience to our customers, Beneleaf may occasionally provide links to websites outside of the domain In addition to the outside links we provide, our affiliates and affiliate programs may use links to These links do not imply, convey, or signify endorsement of another company, individual, or organization, or its products, services, or its website. Beneleaf cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy, terms of use, or any other policies stated by any other website.


At Beneleaf, we understand that Internet security is a major concern for our customers. Our customers can rest-assured that their sensitive information is stored and protected while in transit. We use industry-leading technology to make sure that your information is safe and secure. See the section below for a description of our Security Statement. This statement describes the technology we use, and details the way we process sensitive customer data (i.e. credit card information). You can feel confident shopping with us. Please contact us directly if you feel uncomfortable, for any reason, with your online shopping experience at



It is our priority to protect customer data while it is being transferred to us. In every transmission, Beneleaf uses Secure Socket Layer technology or (SSL) on every page requiring customer sensitive data (i.e. credit card information). Using a SSL layer on your website has become an industry standard method of encrypting and securing internet communication.


Beneleaf has gone a step further and has obtained a THAWte digital security certificate for all of our websites requiring encrypted transactions. THAWte is a identity verification company servicing internet businesses. THAWte is a third-party, independent company that helps consumers verify a site’s security and validity. Our independent authentication guarantees that the products you buy from are actually products provided by, and fulfilled by Beneleaf.