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  • Where can I find the Ingredients

Find the full list of ingredients by visiting the specific product page, and clicking the "Ingredients" tab (scroll down just a bit!)

  • Where can I get your products?

Our mission staring off was to cut out the middleman. We can be found here on our website and exclusively on
Its simple really, breakthrough products directly from our formula house to you. With no retailers or costly overhead, we can deliver on our promise of high grade ingredients, recommended concentrations and quality packaging. 
We keep a close eye on it all, from start to finish, ensuring satisfaction consistently. 

  • How can I track my order?

Once you have placed your order on Amazon, you will shortly be issued an email confirming your purchase. The email will contain a tracking number for your order.
To view your confirmed orders, simply login to your Amazon account and go to “Your Orders” tab

  • How should I use my promo code?

After adding your item to the shopping cart, add the Promotional code to the “Gift cards & promotional codes.”, the discount will immediately be calculated for you to enjoy!

  • How do I get samples, discounts or freebies?

If you’re looking for goodies don’t forget to join our beneVIP Club. Joining will instantly give you access to our skin care experts chat, consultation & tips, but most important keep a close eye out for our freebies which we periodically give in return for your true unbiased opinion. Don’t miss our next round of giveaways and join now!

  • What are Parabens, and do Beneleaf products have them?

Absolutely No Parabens!
Without the middleman we put all our focus on quality.
Parabens are harsh preservative added to skin care to prolong shelf life. Water based products in jars require the most additives and preservatives.
Our products are formulated using a high grade organic aloe vera base and packaged in airless bottles, eliminating the need for harsh preservatives all together.

  • Are your products tested on animals?

We are cruelty free, we at Beneleaf love all of nature's creations and gifts. Our founders are animal lovers who oppose animal testing in any form.We stand united with animal advocates globally.

  • Should I refrigerate your products?

Although not a must, you might like the cooling sensation of using the products refrigerated.
To best preserve the quality of our products we recommend to store them in a dry place away from direct light,

  • Are your products safe to use while pregnant or nursing?

We are a women owned and operated company that strives to deliver the finest and safest products to our customers. During pregnancy and nursing a lot of women experience increased skin sensitivity due to the hormonal and physiological changes, to be on the safe side we recommend you consult with your doctor first.

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