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About Us

Have you ever wished you could have girlfriends on the “inside” of the style, health, and beauty industries? Good friends who are on the cutting edge of the latest advances and know the manufacturing process of products? Friends who want to share their knowledge of what are the best ingredients and most stylish products on the market? Friends that know how to get high end products without spending the equivalent of car payment?

Meet your new girlfriends!

We are Beneleaf, a company run by strong women you can trust because we want the same thing as you – quality products that work and bring style to your life without costing a fortune. We seek out products that deliver on their word, products that are natural, environmentally friendly, and good for your skin. Products that make you the style-talk of the town. Through trial and error, we have experimented with numerous products until we found something that we believe in and use ourselves. We’ve sought out the best additions to your style and brought them to you at a reasonable cost. You can be assured that you are receiving a premium department store product at a drugstore price.


Meet Netalie, Your Beauty and Style Insider

Netalie packs a one-two punch when it comes to beauty and style. She has 14 years of experience working in the industry for well-known companies that sell their products for hundreds of dollars. Her background combined with her knowledge of what exactly goes into skin care products, and a thorough understanding of what style savvy consumers are looking for, makes her a valuable part of the company. With her input we were able to partner with one of the finest laboratories to come up with the ultimate skin care products for you, while helping us to seek out affordable and stylish additions to your wardrobe.

Meet Jenny, Your Cost-cutting Expert

Jenny is an entrepreneur with several years of e-commerce experience. Because Beneleaf’s products are not available in stores and only found online, we are able to offer the highest quality products at much, much lower prices than you would find in a store. With Jenny’s skills and without the cost of overhead, rent, and all the other expenses associated with a brick & mortar, the savings are passed on to you. And that is important to us!


A Blend of Science + Nature

Beneleaf’s goal is simple; bring superior skin care that works, and quality health, beauty, and style products to the market that everyone can afford.

We are women. We know what women want in quality style, health, and beauty. Our products contain the best, naturally derived ingredients, that have been clinically proven to show results. We seek out the best manufacturing products that will add elegance and refinement to any outfit and any occasion. And we offer products developed just to make your life easier as you get ready for any event. From weddings to business meetings, and every day in between, Beneleaf offers what you need to make a definite impression on everyone you meet.

In keeping with being natural and environmentally friendly, we are proud to have partnered with a laboratory that is powered with 100% renewable wind energy. We seek out materials that leave as small a carbon footprint as possible, and we deliver on our promise to make your life easier and more stylish, without having a negative impact on the world around us.

Positivity goes into everything we do; we seek to help you leave a positive impression on those around you while leaving the environment just as we found it.

All our products are:

NOT tested on animals

FDA Registered

GMP Compliant

Kosher Certified Materials

Natural Products Association Alliance

We believe that everyone has a young, stylish spirit just waiting to get out. Let Beneleaf help you find it!