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Three Ways to Jumpstart Your New Year’s New You!

If you are anything like me, chances are you’ve come up with a list of New Year's resolutions that you want to achieve in 2016. If you are like me, you also know that last year, you didn’t quite stick to those resolutions as the year wore on. After all, as the year progresses, sticking to things that you abruptly changed at the beginning of the year can be quite difficult. Thankfully, there are some things we can both do to help us achieve the goals that we want to achieve this year.

For those who are like me, put the following tips to use and jumpstart your 2016 goals and put yourself on the path to success this year!

Water, Water, and More Water

The most important thing that you can do for your body is drink more water. It doesn’t matter if your resolution involves losing weight - like so many resolutions do - or simply getting healthy, being more active, or even working on organizing everything that runs through your mind on a daily basis, drinking more water can be the key. Most people don’t realize that their brain is dehydrated on a regular basis. Sugary drinks, especially those with caffeine in them, can suck the water right out of your brain and the rest of your body, leaving you tired, forgetful or confused, and wondering why you feel so...blah!

Drinking water can restore your brain to its normal function, as well as helping you avoid lots of sugar and the repercussions of empty calories. They say you should at least drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day, but exceeding this is fine, particularly when you are replacing other, less healthy choices. For many different resolutions, water really is the answer.

A Little Bit of Movement

Like water, getting up and moving around can be a great start to a number of New Year's goals. Of course exercise is at the top of the list when it comes to those who have decided weight loss is their resolution, but movement can be helpful in many other aspects of our lives. For example, if your goal this year is to quit smoking, you can add some mild exercise to your routine to counteract the cravings you might be having. Similarly, getting more activity in your day to day life can help you avoid fatigue and general ill feelings.

It might sound like it’s counterintuitive, but no matter what kind of goals you are setting for 2016, adding in a bit of movement - be it a fitness class, a gym membership, or just making the commitment to walk the dog each day with the kids - can really have a dramatic effect on your body as a whole.

Take Time to Breathe

In our world, everything is so incredibly fast paced that it really can be difficult to slow down just enjoy the world around you. Sadly, this can lead to stress and even contention and struggle between people. Without time, everyone gets short with one another, which can lead to situations where your physical body suffers just as much as your emotional self. In days gone by, we were forced to take time out for certain things, but technology has made it so that we don’t have to do that anymore. The downside, of course, is that everything gets caught up in a flurry all of the time.

One way to combat this, and the effects that the stress of a hectic life can leave on your body, experts recommend taking time to meditate. Meditation can provide a solid block of time where you are not worried about everything going on around you, but are focused inward on simply being. By calming the body and the mind together, meditation can be an amazing tool with so many different ways to implement. Whether you choose guided meditation or you simply sit and reflect quietly in an empty room, taking time out of your life to just breathe can have dramatic results on your trek towards your New Year’s resolutions.

A Platform to Jump From

In a perfect world, we would all reach our New Year’s resolutions without any trouble at all, but since the world around us is far from perfect, sometimes we need a jump start. These three tips can help you launch yourself into 2016 without having to jump a bunch of hurdles. Not only will you see the benefits of these steps on their own, but it won’t take long to see how everything is interconnected. In this way, implementing these things now will have only positive results for you throughout the year, even if you don’t completely reach those resolutions again this year. Ultimately you’ll end up having taken a huge step forward, which will only make it easier to get where you want to go.

  • January 11, 2016
  • Adriana Morgan